Understanding the Online Casino Games Bonus Factor

When choosing the right online casino games hosting site for you, there are several things to consider. There’s the site’s reputation, the security measures it provides, the variety of games it offers and many such. But one of the key aspects that new players don’t really give a thought to is the bonuses, and here are some of the reasons why you should.

The value of the bonus is what is under the microscope here. This is one of the most critical elements of making your choice. Essentially, a bonus is nothing but an added advantage to the player. The ‘house’ needs to make play more attractive because of the tight competition among online casinos, and they have devised these bonuses as a way of keeping the customer engaged and coming back for more. The bonuses need to be easily accessible, and should attempt to prolong the customer’s presence on the website. In a way, it’s part of their advertising budget, but is spent directly on the customer rather than on traditional advertising.

Customer loyalty is another purpose of giving bonuses. The sites with the best promos, deals and freebies are the most competitive and, to keep their edge over their peers, online casino games need to add value to play time – something that bonuses do eloquently.

There are different types of bonuses that may be offered by sites, depending on what the operator wants the customer to do. Some bonuses are offered on registration and are obviously intended to entice new customers into trying out the site for free. Some are given out when a player makes their first deposit. Still others may be periodic, seasonal, random or occasional. Each type of bonus serves a specific purpose, so understanding these bonuses is essential to good game play that costs less money.

Time-based bonuses are one of the more popular ones and are designed to keep the customer coming back day after day, week after week and month after month to claim either standalone bonuses or those that accrue over time. If used properly, a player can get away with regular play for the cost of just one or two deposits – just to get access to the bonuses themselves. For example, say a site gave out 100 free play credits a day in perpetuity; in such a case, gamblers who are willing to keep that as their daily budget practically get to play free for an indefinite period of time.

Some sites may offer weekly bonuses to ensure that players come back every week for at least a little while, if only to claim their bonuses and play for a bit. Remember: this is the internet, and every click or page view, and every minute you spend on a web page makes the site that much more profitable. So even if they offer you free playtime, in the end the objective is revenue – from any channel that’s handy.

The no deposit bonus is probably the best of the lot for new players. These are intended to allow a player to test out a site before they become regular visitors, and only require a basic registration that takes a couple of minutes, if not less.

So, when choosing a new website to play online casino games on, be sure to check out the bonuses and see how best you can use them to minimize your expenses and maximize your fun and play time.